Of the many milestones in life, getting married and having a baby must be two of the most gracious turning points one can celebrate. As I wrote about last month, my family threw me a gorgeous baby shower back home where we received so many wonderful gifts. On Friday, I was reminded once again just how blessed I am. heh. It’s a good thing I went “all out” and wore make up. (I like to joke my friends at work and tell them that I don’t like “wasting” my make up on them.) haha.

What was supposed to be a surprise unraveled to a nice celebraabout to devour this cake solo.tion and a reason to leave the house, despite my dr’s suggestion to stay home. Actually, the weather worked out in my favor since we had a strange cold front roll in, and it ended up being in the high 50s on Friday. Anyway, for lunch, my office ordered some delicious brick oven pizza (my favorite!) and we all went in the conference room where they threw me a “surprise” shower. One of my work friends had emailed Jeff many weeks ago to coordinate the day. Jeff was supposed to attend, but after missing almost 2 days because of my unplanned hospital viEven when opening gifts,sit and to hangout with me the day after, he had to decline. After the pizza lunch, my coworkers showered me with a lot of wonderful gifts from one of our registries. I couldn’t believe how much they bought, considering the amount of people we have in office. My office might be pretty small, but I have the most gracious and thoughtful colleagues around. We also have a sales department in Florida (all guys) who contributed to the generous collection Shower cake from Magnoliasof gifts as well. Without a doubt, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and touched by everyone’s generosity. As if the awesome gifts weren’t enough, they got me a cake from Buttercup. mmmmm. Seriously, that cake is so delicious, it’s sinful.

Almost 7 years ago, when I began this job, I had no friends and no family in NYC, but today, I not only have a family away from home, but a lot colleagues whom I consider great friends.

Gifts, upon gifts:

gifts from work shower

To say we’re blessed, doesn’t even scrape the surface.