While Jeff was sitting on the computer last night, I went in to visit him in between putting away all the laundry.

As I looked over his shoulder to check out what he was doing, I was sighing and groaning like the drama queen I’ve become. It gets so hot in that little office!

Jeff turned to me to make sure I was still conscious despite my discomfort, and rubbed my taut, oversized belly. I stood there, hands on top of my belly, like it was a shelf. Since my belly was perfect eye level for him, after rubbing my belly, he studied me for a moment, as if I was some specimen or equation that needed solving.

And without hesitation, Jeff revealed, “you know, your belly would be a perfect table for a cold beer. You could totally rest a bottle or can on top without a problem.”

Dumbfounded, I could only stare at him, not in horror but in amazement of this astound revelation 😉 haha.

I totally deserve a beer right about now. Well, maybe more than a couple…