It’s ticker change day, which means I’m officially 34 weeks today.  I don’t really keep a close eye on that ticker over there in the corner <—–, mainly because half of the time, I have NO idea what the hell is in the picture.  Every time I look at it, even though the details are helpful, the ticker always shows some obscure looking image that has to do with a figurative baby.

Well today, I can’t mistake that image of a fattening baby!  So exciting!

Things are still a bit nerve-wracking for us, mostly because I’ve been having the same intermittent contractions.  When I have them, I lay down and put my feet up.  I drink tons of juice and water.  If they persist, I get up and walk.  Sometimes, they’ll go away but usually not for long.  When the contractions get painful, Jeff insists that I go to the hospital again.  I’m not trying to be stubborn, but I refuse to go because I think I know my body enough to know that it’s not severe enough to go in.  It’s obvious that I need to sit and relax, even if that means no commuting for a few days.  I feel much better today despite the rain.  The main thing is, there’s no heat!

But poor Jeff, he’s such a nervous mess even though I try to convince him that I’m/we’re ok.  He’s been getting up at 5am because he’s so anxious and worried.  Yesterday, I noticed that he cleaned and organized the apartment all before 6am.  I guess I should remind him that he needs to “sleep in” while he can…

I’m actually at work today.  I took the ferry in, which as described before, is like door to door service.  It costs a hefty $15 a day to commute that way, but work, as well as Jeff, insisted I be here today.  I didn’t ask questions but did wear make up, just in case 😉

Updates later.