This doesn’t have much to do with baby or pregnancy, but I thought I’d share our excitement anyway.

For the past year and a half, my husband has been stalking his favorite restaurant. He walked by, trying to peer in the covered windows, he’d check out their website almost weekly, he’d do drive-bys after he dropped off his carpool buddy and yes, he even called there on a regular basis…like he was stalking an old girlfriend. Every chance he had, he always touted the allure of this place, promising delicious sausage platters and beer. You see, his favorite restaurant suffered substantial damage after a fire. And since then, he’s been waiting for the place to rebuild and reopen. It’s been a long year and a half!

To be quite honest, the place isn’t swanky or all that fancy, in comparison to the other restaurants in town or across the river. Actually, before it burned down, its old school nuances is what attracted us to the place. Its simplicity and neighborhood charm is what made us fall in love. It’s an old German joint that served real German fare and delicious microbrews and imports in their respective glasses. Meaning, if you you ordered a Bock with your dinner, it was served in a Stange. If you ordered a Hefeweizen, it was served in a Weizen glass. It might be the little things in life, but details matter for beer afficiandos.

Besides, how can you go wrong with a place that serves something called an Oktoberfest platter, has your favorite microbrew, has live Polka and is walking distance from your house? haha.

jeff at helmers 1/06We liked walking down to Helmer’s for special occasions like Jeff’s bdays or even for a nice Sunday dinner. It had an old world vibe, as well as the old school aura that’s hard to come by in our neighborhood these days. Jeff even spoke so highly of the place, hoping that we could treat his parents there, or even his closest uncle and aunt from Philly. “It’s German and they have awesome beer!” he insisted.

So as you can imagine, when the place closed down, my husband was very heartbroken.

Anyway, it was serendipity perhaps, that Helmer’s reopened on a day that we were both home from work. We went in for lunch yesterday and had the famous steak sandwiches that we’ve missed so much. And yes, as you guessed, Jeff had his beer too. The mostly brand new interior, from the booths to the taps, have replaced the old school details, but it’s still a great place that will always resonate fond memories for us.. There’s nothing like your favorite neighborhood restaurant 🙂

Welcome back, Helmers’!