Not only has it been a crazy couple of days for me, but apparently, the city that surrounds us had its fair share of craziness.  Who knew a tornado would touchdown in Brooklyn, storms would flood the whole area and in turn, immobilize most of NYC.

In some ways, it kind of worked out baby has been causing a commotion that would make me work from home.  I just finished watching the 11pm news and news reporters followed people on the street and what they had to endure to commute in and out of the city.  They followed this new mom who was pushing her 1 month old baby around in a stroller down in the crowded subways.  Because so many trains were out of service, they had to reroute passengers to buses, which entailed her having to schlep that stroller up and down many stairs, in between a sea of sweaty commuters.  A trip that would’ve taken her 45 minutes, took her almost 4 hours.  yikes.  Public transit can be a wonderful thing, but on days like today, those trains and commutes are your worst enemy.  Life can truly be difficult if you’re at the mercy of public transportation.

Speaking of which, I went to my dr’s office today.  Even though the drs are out of town, I saw the nurse and relayed yesterdays’ events.  She was somewhat concerned about the contractions and commiserated with being pregnant in the dog days of summer.  In essence, she chalked up the contractions to the baby resisting all the extra work.  Basically, she said the heat + rough commute + baby are not agreeing right now.  She ordered me to take it easy for the rest of the week, and to work from home.  She wrote up a note that will hopefully allow me to work from home the rest of the week in order to avoid pre-term labor.

Jeff was home with me all day so he could come with me to the dr. and be my driver, in case I started to feel badly again.  I didn’t have the consistent contractions like yesterday, but I did have a few later in the day.  Jeff and I had lunch, did minimal walking in town and swung by the dr’s office.  In those two hours, I could feel my body start to overheat again.  The unbearable humidity is most definitely the culprit.  Baby is not having the heat and excess walking, apparently.  I had some more pains and took a nap for the rest of the afternoon.  While I’ve been ok for most of the evening, I’ve felt a few periodic contractions, but thankfully not close together.

I’m on medication for the UTI, so let’s hope these contractions start to subside.  I have a month to go until I officially start maternity leave, so I’m really hoping my body can cooperate.  So, for now, while everyone is enduring this heat, baby B is most definitely still cooking.