In line with preparing baby’s closet-nursery, we’ve been busy with other nesting projects and organizing our space. Truthfully, it’s amazing how much 2 people one person can accumulate in several years…especially when they live in a 1br. apartment. Almost 7 years when I left Va., all of my belongings fit in 3 Rubbermaid storage containers in my little Jetta…now, multiply that by 7,000 🙂 As an artist at heart, I seem to always have a new idea or new project to occupy my idle time. With those new ideas come lots of “stuff.” …which is where my desk comes in. {Poor Jeff} Since forever, my desk has always been my catchall for bills, craft projects, work notebooks and memory center. I’ve always been hesitant to take on too many home improvements for our apartment, since we’re just renters. But with baby’s imminent arrival, the thought of heavy hole punchers and rotary blades flying off my desk, doesn’t sit too well.
And that’s what we did on Saturday. We hit our favorite home improvement place, IKEA, on Saturday. God bless IKEA for having affordable and functional organizational options. We filled our cart with boxes and shelves with visions of HGTV worthy results in mind. After throwing out tons of unnecessary clutter and tackling the long-overdue project of organizing my work area, I finally have a functional desk and space that’ll hopefully be as child friendly as possible for the interim of our urban living, or at least at this place. Thanks to Jeff and his handiwork (lots of leveling and drilling into brick walls) I can create more stuff, make more mess and daydream of becoming the next Martha (minus the jailtime.)
Before: After:
cluttercuring clutter

Moving on to the kitchen, considering we aren’t doing Carbombs regularly at this point and since we don’t have an actual area for a bar but do have enough martini glasses and others glasses to equip several bars, we reluctantly packed up a majority of our barware to make room for baby’s beverage vessel of choice: baby bottles. Storage options in the kitchen, hell, space in that kitchen is minimal, and because we kind of need plates and bowls, of course, the shaker tins and glasses had to go… for now. One day, we’ll have a full sized kitchen, we won’t have to timeshare our belongings!

Bye bye martini glasses...

Speaking of which, the camera was turned on me while I was cooking. Jeff likes to laugh at me whenever I cook or spend time in the kitchen because I like to think that I’m thBarefoot and pregnante antithesis of “barefoot and pregnant.” As promised, he got his barefoot and pregnant picture. Don’t tell him this, but it makes me smile because I know it’ll be a nice reminder and visual of our humble beginnings. And I really do love being pregnant.

On to the car…Jeff has been nervous nelly lately in terms of getting ready for baby. If it were up to him, my hospital bag would be in the car, diaper bag would be all packed, car seat would be installed and inspected, like a month ago. In my defense, I know where everything is, it’s just a matter of putting it all together. Most of my friends didn’t even pack until the day of, anyway. We went to the baby store on Saturday to tackle this notch on our list. I bought a few things I needed for my hospital bag and now, all I have to do is finish laundry so I actually have some clothes to put in it. To make him feel better, I hope to have that bag packed by this weekend.

Another essential item that we can cross off our list is the carseat. Considering the law kinda requires you to strap your newborn into the seat prior to leaving the hospital, we had to get one of those. Again, Jeff was antsy because we hadn’t gotten one yet and was worried at the thought of baby coming early, so he insisted that we brave the Saturday crowds at the baby store to pick up our seat. After unpacking the seat and reading the instructions, Jeff installed the base to the carseat. He was so excited by this achievement that he was practically jumping up and down. After he finished he realized that we have a mat that goes under the car seat to serve as a protector/organizer. He unpacked the protector from one of the shelves and propped it on the coffee table as a reminder to take care of it today. He stared at that protector in its package for hours, admitting how excited he was to uninstall, place the seat protector and reinstall the seat.

I have never seen a grown man more excited about a carseat in my life! If he’s this excited about a carseat, just imagine how excited he is about the little dude that will be in the actual seat!