I should be finishing an article or three, but amidst the grim headlines in the news today (particularly, the stuff I have to wade through all morning for work) I thought it’d be a good time to inject some cuteness and early morning smiles. and procrastinate a little more.

You know how I’ve been saying this baby boy is quite a wiggly one? As of late, every day at work, he’s constantly rearranging himself and doing whatever he does; from the minute I sit down to the minute I get up, he’s doing his thing. It’s cute, but distracting, sometimes uncomfortable and most definitely thought-provoking. I often wonder if the body parts that I feel are actually his legs and feet. Could they be his arms? Is he really head down already? I’m almost positive he is, but what do I know?

Last night, as I was doing some reading, I asked Jeff to pull out his baby book. I wanted to confirm how many pounds he was when he was born so that we could average out our weight. I was about 6lbs at birth, Jeff was 7 lbs 12 oz. Good size babies, I thought.  As we were flipping through the pages, we found ourselves laughing hysterically at so many of Jeff’s details. Did you know his favorite thing to do at 6 months old was to stare at the dining room light fixture? Jeff’s response, “funny, I still love doing that!” haha.

And that’s when we flipped the page again to find this:
Jeff at 3 days
look at long legs McGee! Was he all legs or what? Cute little chicken legs, no less.
In many respects, this picture answers so many questions about the wiggly one. If he’s anything like his dad, he’s probably all legs– just like this!
And then I remembered his ultrasound pictures where he had his legs crossed. Remember that? They seemed pretty long back then too! hmm… I guess we’ll find out next month!

And for good measure, look how cute my husband was. Or as he would say, “What do you mean was?”
Jeff at 3 months