I was talking to my girlfriend on the way to the train yesterday. Our topic of discussion provoked a bit of disbelief and anxiety. My girlfriend asked me, “Can you believe summer’s almost over? As in, the kids go back to school next month!” As usual, I made the discussion all about me, and told her in a total deadpan response: “Can you believe I’m going to have this baby next month!”

It’s August 1st. So much for the dragging summer I predicted. I mean really, where did summer go?

In summers past, I’d probably be panicky because I hadn’t gone to the beach enough or I haven’t had a chance to relax enough. In between our low key social calendar this year, thankfully, I’ve taken friends’ advice and enjoyed my last few weekends of endless napping and complete nothingness. We even had a chance to enjoy a small vacation, which was divine. So, what now? What do I do for the rest of the summer?

It’s basically just a waiting game now. There’s still plenty of time to drag. I’m almost 33 weeks, just a month shy of being considered full term. I have one last ultrasound to make sure baby is headed in the right direction. Other than the more frequent check ups, we’ll be sitting around nesting away. I find myself cleaning and organizing almost every night after work– that is, until Jeff grunts and tells me to relax.

Work wise- Plans A, B and C for my maternity leave are all set. I’ve got about a month to tie up loose ends before I start my leave. I’ve got my emergency numbers list ready for work and for Jeff. At home, we’re almost finished organizing and stashing stuff to make room for the kid. Baby wise- I’ve got baby’s layette all washed, folded and put away. All the baby gear is stacked up, waiting to be used. His newborn diapers and all that fun stuff is within reach. Almost all the elements for his closet-nursery are in, just waiting to be assembled. Other than the furniture that we’re still waiting on, we still have 3 more bigger baby things we said we weren’t going to get until the very end. While I can’t say I’d be ready for baby tomorrow, I can say that we’re almost there!

Jeff might be more anxious than me. Aside from the baby inventory, Captain Excel has initiated a few other spreadsheets to keep track of things. Over the weekend, he started a list of who’s coming when. yikes. Because of our small space, he realized that logistically, it might be difficult to accommodate both families at the same time. So, that’s where his list comes in. He should know my mom by now– list or not, Mom Rab is going to be everywhere. haha. I’m surprised she’s not at the hospital waiting for me to go into labor. Just kidding. Everyone’s excited for the little guy to arrive. I know we’ll find a way to accommodate visitors when the time comes.

Speaking of the little guy, I don’t think I’ve gotten that much bigger lately, but my belly sure is getting heavier. I can tell baby’s quarters are getting quite tight in there. His movements are becoming more distracting and much more pronounced. We feel body parts and pet his legs or feet to try to convince him to keep still for awhile. I feel like he doesn’t stop moving while I’m sitting at work; it’s as if he’s bored and he needs me to move. Actually yesterday, after lunch, he was creating quite a ruckus. I sit straight up at my desk with my belly just touching the edge and almost tucked under the desk. The baby was moving so much, he practically pushed my belly away from the edge of the desk. I can only imagine that his long legs are so cramped, he’s doing whatever to get comfortable.

Last night as we laid in bed, Jeff talked to my belly and said his good nights. I’m so mean because I like to tease Jeff and well, the baby, by predicting that he’ll have a big head. Jeff’s hand was on my stomach as he fell asleep. Since he hadn’t kicked or moved in awhile, I patted my belly and said, “Good night my big-headed baby.” With such impeccable timing, the baby kicked me so hard, it jolted my whole upper body.

We laughed for a good 5 minutes– it was too funny! Hey, I deserved it.