It was the last weekend in July and what a busy one it was… On Friday we began our whirlwind weekend of activities with our good friends and neighbors’ wedding. As expected, it was a gorgeous affair with tons of our friends’ loved ones. Jeff and I contributed to the event in a small way: I created and we produced their wedding programs. It’s always fun attending a wedding in which our craftiness is a small element of the big picture. It’s even more rewarding when the bride’s parents personally thank us for our contribution.

Us with bride and groomThe reception was a blast since we’re good friends with a handful of Lisa’s high school friends. My roommate before Jeff moved up to NJ introduced us to the whole gang. And incredibly, we all click. They’re all a great group of people. As the bartenders were busy all night catering to our table (which was conveniently next to the bar,) the dancefloor was full all night. Jeff, who’s normally a wallflower when it coJeff gettin' downmes to dancing, drank my share of drinks, and in turn, was on the dancefloor all night. It was a great night for everyone.

Best wishes to our friends, Lisa and Derek! We’re most excited about the fact that they bought a condo a block away from us! So, when they return, we’ll have some local babysitters, er um, friends 🙂

rocking the heelsI haven’t been so diligent about the belly shots lately, mostly because we’ve been so busy nesting. In any event, I had to take advantage of the fact that I was all dressed up and wearing heels, so I made Jeff take my belly pic during the reception. Surprisingly, I rocked the heels all night and felt comfortable we got home at 1am.