In line with the nesting going on at our house and to further solidify our total geekiness, I had this grand idea to do some inventory last night.

After reading every pertinent pregnancy book, scouring every baby website and noticing those “What to Buy” and “Necessary Layette” lists, we consulted the most trusted resources (our moms and friends.) And so, I felt the need to itemize the little guy’s wardrobe. I wanted a trusted list with actual numbers of suggested items. Since I’ve trusted Baby Bargains for most of my shopping decisions over the past few months, I went with their list and upped the amounts by a few since we’re urban dwellers who depend on laundromat almost biweekly.

Over the past few months, in addition to the shower, I’ve done a lot of shopping and stashing. In an effort to organize the baby’s stuff, I had to know what we have and what we still need. While there’s probably no perfect formula for outfitting a newborn, Jeff and I know that in order for us to be able to coexist in our small space with a new baby, we have to make just enough room for the “right” amount of stuff. So many of our friends admit that they had so much clothes that their baby didn’t even get to wear it all. Unfortunately, we can’t have that “problem.” While there’s room for error, every square inch counts especially when your baby will sleep in the closet 🙂

Since I write and am constantly making notes about who knows what, I began my inventory list in my trusty black notebook. In the middle of my quest, I glanced over at Jeff as he played his PSP feverishly. Jeff, who had his feet gallantly propped up on his table tray as if were an ottoman, could feel my stare and looked back at me.

Checking out my stash of books and written lists he haphazardly asked, “what are you doing?”

As if the baby auditors’ arrival was imminent I told him, “Doing inventory. I NEED to know what we still need for the baby. Wanna help?”
Without a choice in the matter, he put his PSP down and busted out his laptop. “Of course I’ll help. How about we make a spreadsheet so it’ll be easier.”
The words “spreadsheet” and “easier” do not go hand in hand in my vernacular. But for my number-crunching husband, anything can be solved with a complex formula and Excel. While I might work with words and research all day, Jeff’s day consists of forecasting merchandise and noting sales patterns– perfect experience for my mind-numbing chore.

We brought down all my neatly organized baskets containing carefully wrapped and washed baby stuff. We went into his little closet and piled his tiny hangered outfits on the couch. And then I revealed my hidden stashes and piled them on top of all the baskets. Truly, it’s amazing how much I’ve accumulated for this one little person.

some of his stashJeff picked up my notebook and began keying in the categories and subcategories, dividing them into monthly baby sizes and so forth. For what seems like such a tedious and even unnecessary chore, as I began to unload all the stuff I was amazed that we hadn’t tackled this any sooner. At this point, since we only have a small corner of Jeff’s armoire designated as the baby’s closet and the shelves carefully hung to house his baskets, a very small fraction of our home is allotted to contain all this baby stuff. Determined to keep the baby stuff down to the minimum and acquire bigger items as we need them, filing baby inventory though humorous, is pretty imperative for us.

We listed the amount of onesies, pants, sweaters, hats, t-shirts, nice outfits, socks, etc. according to size and then matched our numbers with the suggested numbers. We counted diapers and noted the sizes and amounts. As predicted, we could use a few more newborn items, including a few more packs of diapers, but not much. And somehow, we have almost 30 6-month size onesies. That’s a lot of onesies and a lot less laundry we have to do!

I have to say, it feels good knowing that we’re well organized and up to par on most of the baby necessities. Granted, besides having Target and Buy Buy Baby within minutes away, knowing that our families will be visiting shortly after his birth, as well as having friends very close by, it’s not like we’d have a problem getting more stuff as we need them. But why not take care of stuff now, instead of worrying about it later? I’d much rather spend time with the kid in our home than fussing with city traffic or whatever else.

We have our marathon childbirth class and hospital tour scheduled for Saturday and as I’ve been having frequent Braxton Hicks contractions–or as I described to Jeff, the baby rumble strips reminding us that we’re almost at our exit– I feel comfortable knowing that our home is almost ready for baby.

Though his crib isn’t in yet, at least we know he’ll be clothed. Well-clothed, at that! 😉