Even though it’s rainy and ugly today, this weekend was a gorgeous one. We had a chance to hang with friends and eat, eat, eat.
Summertime in the Tri-State area is synonymous with street fairs. In our community, because of the dense population, it seems as if we have a different festival every weekend. To us, St. Ann’s is probably our favorite…and not just because of those delicious zeppoles. This festival is 4 blocks from our house, so we like to walk over almost every night of its duration and get “dinner.” (In years past that would translate into a liquid, bubbly dinner at the beer tent.)

Regardless, it’s a nice and even an eye-opening cross section of the diverse community that we call home. Though the namesake saint of the feast has a devout Italian and Catholic following, at this festival, you can see countless cultures and people from all walks of life mesh within our packed city streets. I’ve often talked about the very obvious socio-economic divide in our neighborhood; this divide seems forgotten when we walk through the festivities. Yuppies, BnR’s (born and raised), Italians, Latino, Asian… culture and demography aside, the festival is a nice excuse to get out and have fun. Jeff and I enjoyed hanging out with different friends on Friday night at the beer tent. I had my signature water bottle in-hand, while Jeff and his buddies drank my share. And again, last night, we had a great time with our neighbors when we grabbed some dinner and zeppoles! I think tonight, if the rain ever lets up, we plan on checking out the Nerds.