When we weren’t busy sampling every food vendor at our neighborhood festival or shoving delicious zeppoles in our mouths, Jeff and I were shifting into high gear nesting mode.
In between all the food and beer, Jeff and I did some serious shopping. First of all, Jeff, admittedly, is a horrible shopping companion. I mean, like full of rage. But this weekend, my husband was quite the rockstar in the cart pushing and baby peripheral department. I did lose him to the video games a few times, but nothing too serious.

There was a manufacturer’s expo at our favorite baby store on Saturday. We walked amongst all the expecting parents, chatted with various manufacturer representatives and signed up for many raffles, in hopes of winning free baby gear. We left the store with a diaper bag emblazoned with our crib manufacturer’s logo, a few bottles of Babyganics cleaner, newborn onesies, as well as a goody bag from the store itself.
Sunday, however, was the best. We woke up bright and early and headed to Target.

To backtrack a little, on Friday night before we went to the festival, for the first time, I felt some seriously painful kicks and then a few very evident contractions. Neither were enough to be too concerned, but just enough to be reminded by Baby B. that he could make an early grand entrance. If that were the case, baby gear-wise, we are so far from ready. Sure, we were blessed to receive numerous baby gifts at our shower, but not nearly enough stuff to amply supply a newborn. I have enough soap, wipes and 6month old clothing to care for a small village, but as far as clothes were concerned, we had nothing for a newborn.
And so, I had an epiphany: we needed to stock our home with newborn supplies…just in case. So, that’s what we did on Sunday morning. With my infamous lists and coupons in hand, we checked off the items that we didn’t have yet– few packs of newborn diapers, burping cloths, 0-3 sized onesies, newborn sleepers, a few more bottles and of course, a few luxuries that we couldn’t resist. Even though our baby shopping spree was a fruitful one, we still have 2-3 more bigger items that we’re hoping to pick up before the babe’s arrival. Because of space restrictions, we plan on getting the bigger things as we need them, if at all! I also picked up a few more items for the baby’s closet-nursery, including his quilt and a coordinating lamp. Since my taste and the location of his closet-nursery dictate a more cohesive and classic style (as opposed to babyish) I’ve gotten the bargain pieces from all over, including IKEA, Marshalls, Home Goods, Target and the now defunct Rag Shop.
Jeff, on the other hand, has his own method to the nesting madness. Jeff went to BBB to pick up a steamcleaner, in hopes of making our very old apartment sparkle. On Sunday afternoon, he steamcleaned his little heart out. It’s fun watching both of our ideas come together in preparation for this little guy.

With the St. Ann’s Feast and getting some shopping done, this weekend was a perfect mix of fun summery outings and a lot of extremely productive and baby-centric tasks.