I imagine this is all over the national news judging by the amount of phone calls we’ve received. As reported, there was a fatal steam explosion during rush hour yesterday right outside of Grand Central.

848494226_5ace337fb0.jpgI work 15 blocks south of that area and had left the east side 30 minutes prior to the explosion. Actually, I was in Chelsea at one of my paper shops and was completely clueless as to what was going on uptown. Since it was so humid yesterday, I opted to take the ferry home and texted Jeff that I’d see him around 8. When I got home at 8, he was on the phone with his dad, and I remembered thinking that it was early to for him to be talking on the phone. Hmmm… must have been serious. We usually visit with each other while figuring out dinner and then use the phone/computer/watch tv after dinner.

As soon as he got off the phone, he told me that his dad was calling to make sure I was ok. heh? He asked, “you know what happened right?” Um. no? And that’s when he turned on the tv. Of course the local newscasters were describing the explosion with such graphic detail, “the spewing geyser created pandemonium in the middle of rush hour…”
It’s so mindnumbing to know that things like that can happen anywhere, but why do incidents of this magnitude seem to happen here?

According to reports, as of now, there was one fatality and more than 30 people were hurt. Con Ed is looking into the cause of the explosion, but Bloomberg said that it was more than likely a result of cold water seeping into some pipes “there is no reason to believe this is anything other than a failure of our infrastructure.”

So, in a city where everyone is already on edge, I have to be even more cautious about where I step, where I shop, how I commute, what I drink, what I eat, how I breathe…

My prayers go out to those that were injured and most especially the person who died, as well as the tow truck driver who suffered massive burns.

And also, here’s to hoping everyone out there stays safe, no matter where you live or work.