Mom:  So, did you guys get home safely?

Me: yep. As usual, we drove through the night and got home by 5am.  I went to work but Jeff stayed home.

Mom: Oh ok. As long as you guys are safe and sound.   OH, by the way.  Your dad, he wants to come and practice the drive to the hospital soon– maybe during the week sometime soon.

Me:  We were just going to email you guys directions.  Will that w0–

Mom: No, your dad wants to practice driving to the hospital so he knows where to go when it’s time.

Me:   Oh.  So, an email won’t do, huh?

Mom:  Yeah, we’ll just come for the day and leave the next day.   We can sleep anywhere.

Me:  Well, whatever works for you guys!  We’re not going anywhere any time soon.

Apparently, Mapquest and a GPS are not sufficient for my mom and dad.  I can’t think of any other parents who are that determined, anxious and extreme to drive almost 400 miles to “practice” driving to the hospital.

For the record, they’d do the same–no questions asked–for both brothers (well, you know, if they had wives, babies and that stuff.)

You gotta love ’em!