I can’t believe I’m in my 30s…I mean week-wise 🙂 I might be speaking too soon, but I truly feel like I’m one of the fortunate ones whose pregnancy has flown by. The past 7.5 months have been uneventful, aside from the nauseous first half. And now, it’s crunch time.

I had my last monthly appointment yesterday. First things first: I was terrified of getting weighed, mainly because of the handful of OMG you’re so BIG comments I got on Saturday, as well as the amount of cake I inhaled. Comments and cake aside, I stepped on the scale, held my breath and let the nurse weigh me. As she clinked the weights on the scale to the far right, she announced, “It looks like you lost weight! You’re a lb. lighter this month.”
I had to ask, ” Are you sure?? I ate a ton of cake over the weekend ;)”
She told me it’s totally normal at this stage to lose weight.

YESSS!! Talk about personal redemption and sweet victory from those evil comments!

I really want to believe that my daily routine can be attributed to my health and fairly easy pregnancy. Sure, I sit behind a desk every day and as my girlfriend says, I continue to make charitable contributions to the gym. But, I also commute 2 strenuous hours every day. While it might not be heavy cardio, it is a workout. The walk probably equals up to a mile or more, and I endure 7 sets of steep stairs each way. Those that have visited know firsthand how much we walk here in the City. So, all that complaining about the hot commute this summer? Yeah, I take it back (for today.) I’m incredibly blessed to be healthy, cankle-free, active and still have almost all of my energy, with much thanks to the city grind.

Now about the important stuff. Baby is still progressing well. He was up to his silly antics when it came time to measure his heartbeat. He wiggled the whole time, as if he was teasing the nurse. When he finally sit still for 3 seconds, the nurse said his heartbeat read at 155 bpm.

I had my regular dr., whom I will likely see for the rest of the pregnancy. He congratulated me on passing my glucose test with flying colors. He also commended me on keeping the same weight. My dr. is so enthusiastic and optimistic where my health and pregnancy is concerned. We discussed the upcoming weeks and how we’re nearing the end. I told him we have our childbirth class next Saturday and he assured me that we’ll enjoy the class. I have no doubt that most of the class will be common sense, but it can’t hurt to attend since it’s at the hospital. We also talked about contractions and signs of labor. Yikes!

And then I asked, “so how do I contact you when it’s time?” When the words left my mouth, my heart sort of dropped, solidifying the reality even further. He gave me directions on how to call and reminded me that Jeff should have all the numbers, just in case. And with that, I scheduled my final appointments– an appointment every 2 weeks, and then weekly appointments the last month.

All in all, it was a great appointment. As usual, I left feeling so uplifted and excited. For the whole walk home, I started to list the haves and the have-nots, perhaps an indication that the nesting is beginning. As soon as I got home, I started to unpack baby shower gifts and put them in their respective homes. From there, I started my mental list of necessities we still need for baby, which isn’t much.

It’s so unreal, but we’re almost there!