Happy Friday! I had another rough night of insomnia, so I’m feeling a bit fatigued. Thank goodness for summer hours. I can actually blame the lack of early morning sleep to this rowdy baby! After I got up to use the restroom at about 3am, it seemed as though baby was doing his early morning regimen of Tae Bo. When I laid back down to go to sleep, I went to lay on my left side as usual. Within in a few minutes, I guess I was alerted that I was cramping his style. For the next hour or two, the baby proceeded to kick me and wriggle in such a way to let me know that HE was uncomfortable. I guess he’s been doing this for the past couple of nights. He seems to like being curled up on my left side, so when I lay on my left side, it’s very bothersome for him. I can actually feel little limbs nudging me until I move to a position that better suits him. So strange.

Aside from the fact that it’s Friday, today’s an exciting day for another reason. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we’ll get to “meet” the little guy. After much debate, Jeff and I agreed to go ahead with the 3d ultrasound. As mentioned before, it’s more or less for a peace of mind than anything else. I can’t wait to see him.

The appointment is at 5, south of the City. I estimate it’ll take me 2 hrs to get there. Jeff will pick me up halfway at a train station and then it’s probably 45 minutes from there. My friend recommended this place to me. And after doing a bit of price shopping, I realized it was hundreds of dollars cheaper than places in our neighbor. That’s key since it’s an elective procedure and insurance doesn’t cover it. I think we’ll get several images from the appointment. I’ll do my best to post one or two tonight. But I’m going to keep the rest to reveal when we go home next week.

I know a few of my girlfriends have asked about what the 3d/4d ultrasound entails, so please feel free to read about it here and here