It’s my lovely mother in law’s birthday today, so I wanted to extend some very special wishes her way! I believe my inlaws are/will be on their way up north for a long weekend, and luckily, we’ll get to see them on Saturday. It’s rare that we get to see our family for their birthdays anymore. So, as you can imagine, Jeff is one big kid in anticipation of seeing his parents.

Quick story about my mother in law:
Seven or 8 years ago, the last Christmas that I spent as a Va. resident, I planned to celebrate the holidays with my family as usual. And even though we were broken up and about to go our separate ways, Jeff asked me to spend “one last” Christmas with his family. At that point, because we’d been friends for so long and dated for almost as long, of course I obliged.

At his family’s house, everyone exchanged gifts and admired one another’s new toys. When it was my turn to open my gift from his parents, all eyes were on me. When I unwrapped the heavy square box, my eyes almost started to water as I unpacked the box. As I opened the box, I pulled out a beautiful snowglobe that encased a pair of dolphins. I shook it, held it up to the lights of the Christmas tree and smiled at my mother in law in total appreciation.
“I thought we could give you a little piece of home to take with you. That way, you could always remember us and the beach.” She told me.

I was so touched. It was a gesture that I’ll never forget. That next month, Jeff asked me to marry him before I left for NYC.
I still have that snowglobe. It sits on the very top shelf of my bookcase as a reminder of all of the wonderful things back home… and how lucky I am for having married into such a loving family.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, Men are what their mothers made them.

Jeff and mom 2003It’s said you can tell a lot about a man by the relationship he has with his mother. If you know Jeff, then you must know that he is a wonderful person because of the woman who raised him 🙂

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!!

P.S. I’ll be forever grateful for letting me take your “baby” up to NYC.