A few weeks ago, when we were hanging out with one of our couple friends in town, we were talking about concerts and couple-y stuff. I should re-phrase that: our friends were telling us about the concerts and fun stuff they were doing this summer. One friend asked me what concerts we were going to this summer, if any. I motioned to my growing belly and then pointed to Jeff and joked, “oh we’re probably passing on concerts this summer. And besides, Jeff is a bit agoraphobic.”

So then the other friend said in disbelief, “So what DO you guys like to do?”
As if we sit at home and watch tv every day all day. hahahaha. I looked at Jeff, shrugged my shoulders and reminded them how up until 7 months ago we were quite the bar regulars down the street. And oh yeah, we love BASEBALL!

Shea 6/18Jeff at Shea

This year doesn’t count because I’m a bit rotund which makes trekking to Queens a bit difficult.  But in years past, Jeff and I loooved going to Mets games. From April until October, we watch every single game on tv unless we had tickets. Jeff’s always been a lifelong Mets fan. And since moving to the area, I can collectively say, we eat, breathe and sleep the Mets all summer long.

Sadly, our Amazins have been in a mid-season slump, but that didn’t stop us from catching a game on Monday night. Jeff’s best friend from high school surprised us with a text by saying he was in the City. Since Joe and Jeff are both die hard Mets fans, we all made plans to catch a game after work. Joe, who has worked aboard ships since he finished school, recently got engaged, so the boys were able to celebrate each other’s major milestones over beer and baseball. Seeing how happy Jeff was with his old friend makes me so excited for next season, in hopes that our little Mets fan can join us for a game or two.

Though it was uncomfortable dealing with the rush hour commuter traffic on the train and then climbing the vertical incline to the Upper Reserves at Shea, Monday night was a gorgeous night. Major milestones and MLB with good friends made for another unforgettable summer memory.

Metsgame618 003

the new stadium in progress