baby clothes!

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Mama did a bad thing last Saturday. Well, not really. I did a good thing, it just depends on who you ask.

I mentioned earlier that I started getting a bit of insomnia last weekend. Well, since I couldn’t sleep, I decided that I’d go shop as soon as the sun came up. With my girlfriend’s baby shower coming up, I had to stock up on adorable baby clothes to send her. So, I shopped. and shopped. and shopped.

I went to one of my favorite places on earth– the outlet mall– and seriously scored big. When I arrived at the outlets, the doors were still locked, so I set a game plan in my head. If you’ve ever shopped with me, you know my excursions turn into all day affairs, and the outlets are no exception.

My first destination: Gap Outlet.
Holy crap! Talk about deals. Not only was everything dirt cheap as usual, but they must’ve been in the process of liquidating merchandise because almost everything was an additional 50% off of the lowest ticketed price. Since my friend that I was buying a gift for is having a boy a month before me, I grabbed stacks and stacks of onesies in boyish colors. I actually filled one of those mesh shopping bags and then some. Of course I couldn’t resist $2 outfits, so I grabbed a few for baby B too.
To boot, I also found a few maternity items for under $10. You can’t go wrong with comfy summer skirts and cute tops.

Next up: Gymboree outlet.
I was able to find a few gifty items for my friend. But not much for us. The stuff they had was cute, but almost too saccharine-cute.

Next: Children’s Place outlet.
Another treasure trove of deals. Like the regular stores, the outlet had racks and racks of clearance items. For almost all the clearance items, you also took off an additional 50% off the lowest ticketed price. Once again, I was able to fill my arms with baby items, mostly under $3 a piece. This time, instead of onesies and casual stuff, I handpicked the most adorable sweater vests, button down shirts and a few rompers. I figured, for $3, I can outfit our kid for church and the holidays. My favorite purchase: a seersucker blazer. Cost? $3.

So, what started out as a purpose-driven shopping excursion, turned into a bargain shopping spree for the babe. What fun! Five hours and ten bags later, I staggered home. Jeff was just waking up, so I happily showed off the gifts I bought for my friend, as well as the finds for our own baby.

As I shrieked giddily, Jeff seemed to love the kiddie button-down shirts as much as I did. When I went to hang the clothes up, Jeff couldn’t resist and asked, “So………. where’s all this going to go?”
“uh, in your closet for now.” I told him, knowing that we’re going to refine our storage options in the coming weeks.
But of course, Mr. Drama just had to say,
“So, I get booted from the main closet because of ALL of your clothes. Then I get my own armoire, thinking I’m all lucky. And now HE’s going to boot me? You might as well start moving my clothes outside. I’ll just get dressed in the car!”

Poor guy. Getting dressed in the car can’t be fun.