Little known fact: Jeff is a huge fan of Supernanny. You know what I’m talking about—that trainwreck of a reality show about that British nanny who goes around “saving” families with children with discipline issues. Yeah…he’s even asked if we could hire her one day.



So anyway, JoJo, as they call her, was helping this family to discipline their two wild kids—the kicking and spitting kind. JoJo was telling the mom and dad that they basically had to stand their ground and be firm with discipline. She gave these examples of how both “mum” and daddy need to be proactive and blah blah blah.

I looked over at the other end of the couch and Jeff was staring wistfully at the tv, as if David Wright (his mancrush) was speaking to him very candidly.


Jeff turns to me and begins to tell me, “See, you have to stand your ground. Like, we both have to be firm so that baby knows we mean business.” He very passionately went on for a few more minutes, speaking to me as if baby is already here, and in the next room unrolling the expensive toilet paper unsupervised.


I nodded anyway and tilted my head in total admiration.

This is my husband—the father of my unborn child.

It’s little moments like those that make me count my blessings every day. I mean, it might sound silly because it was just an episode of Supernanny. But really, I can’t wait to see him in action. Everything he does, he does absurdly well.

And becoming a father won’t be any different.