Happy Bday, John!

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Unbeknownst to those outside of my immediate family, I’ve had about 25 years of “practice” being a psuedo-mom.
That’s right, 25 years.

How, one might ask? Well, I have a kid brother, John.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and truly it did. If you know my brother, you’d know my role as big sister went beyond the call of duty. haha.
He was my eternal shadow, my punching bag, my fashion plate, my makeup model, my best buddy, my honor attendant and will always be my little brother.

Today, unbelieveably, he turns 25. I still vividly remember changing his smelly diapers, walking his hyperactive butt to school every day and of course, constantly cleaning his mess (that was just last month!)

Though several years separate us, many miles distance us, we–I– still keep tabs on him. Every now and then, he still comes to me for advice, to mediate the parental discussions via cellphone and even to check in to make sure I’m still there…

Along with my parents, I take pride in the person he’s become and friend he’s been to me.

Happy Birthday, little brother.