Jeff and I started our weekend early because we had another level II ultrasound. I’m supposed to be heading to get a quick pedi before Jeff’s friend’s wedding this afternoon, but I thought I’d post a quick note on the ultrasound.

I’m assuming baby is like his mother in that he doesn’t do mornings. ha. The kid was tucked away on my left side and would not budge. Like last time, he wasn’t afraid to show his boy parts. And yep, he’s all boy.

I felt so much more at ease with this tech. She knew what she was doing and had a much more personable attitude. She was quickly able to pinpoint baby’s heart and I noticed on the side that his heart beats measured at 136 bpm. She also got some really cool shots. She got a shot of baby hanging out and chilling. He has his legs crossed, sort of the way his dad relaxes with his legs crossed on TOP of the tv trays. haha. He had his arms up by his face, like he was sleeping and did not want to bothered.

With his little legs crossed

legs crossed

But best of all, we got a view of his adorable profile. From what it looks like, he’s got his dad’s cranium. The tech measured it, and from the large size, I noticed that my due date was earlier in September. Yeah, his head looks big. I’m guessing the kiddo has my nose because it’s a rounded little thing, but who knows.

his profile


Like I told Jeff in the car, I’m so in love with him. I can’t stand it!

I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing holiday weekend!