On a recent roadtrip, Jeff and I had another one of our candid conversations. Of course, Jeff was driving and I was the dutiful passenger.

Like all roadtrips, our car is packed to the roof with laundry and other miscellaneous stuff. Since Jeff’s the driver, I’m always in charge of the temperature, tunes and navigation (not that he needs a map or anything.) The tunes entail hooking up my iPod to the radio via the iTrip. When I went to go grab all the parts for the iPod, I realized the iTrip was in the middle console thing.  As I went to go grab it, I dropped it in between the seats,  as Jeff was still driving.  Ugh. I knew this thing would slide so deep into oblivion.  I wouldn’t be able to listen to my beloved tunes.

Like the lady I am, I unleashed the F bombs as we approached exit 10 on the Turnpike. We were barely an hour into our trip and I was already flustered and annoying the captain.

“f*$#! F#^&! f*$#!” I yelled as I frantically tried to search for the fallen gadget, as if it was gold.

“What is your problem? Are you ok?” Jeff asked, without taking his eyes off the road.

“I’m fine. I just dropped the iTrip and I can’t find it in between the seats and bags.”

“Ok, it’s not like we can’t drive without it. Just wait until we stop.” He said haphazardly. “And besides, you could probably find whatever you’re looking for with a lot less F-bombs.”

*rolling my eyes* but knew he was so right.

“you know, you’re going to be somebody’s mom soon. You, I mean, WE should work on not cursing so much,” Jeff said.

“I know. You’re right.”

“You know, the baby can already hear everything you’re saying. If you don’t be careful, baby’s going to come out saying bad things like that baby from Meet the Fockers.”

and in unison, we agreed.



So, from now on, Jeff’s working on his awful Jersey road rage, and I’m making a conscious effort to lay off the 4 letter obscenities.

Frick, this isn’t going to be easy 😉