Just a quick note and a belated happy mothers day to all my mom friends. Jeff and I just returned from yet another whirlwind weekend in Va.

We celebrated some really wonderful ladies this weekend, specifically our moms. I’m not going to lie, that 350 mile drive is taxing and I don’t even drive that much of it. It’s the sitting, adjusting, trying to situate my seatbelt around my belly, attempting to nap on the jerk-ridden turnpike. Essentially, it’s a chaotic and exhausting drive the whole way down, but we’d do it for our moms any day. I’m super lucky to have such an understanding and patient husband who’d agree to do that drive with me!

In case I’ve never mentioned it, it’s no secret that I married into a really wonderful family. My husband is as loving and awesome because of his wonderful mom. His character is a true reflection of the woman who raised him.

With my family being so tight and going beyond the nuclear family, I was extremely fortunate to have not only one mom, but 2 mother figures. Talk about intense!

My grandma was the day to day mom who braided my hair, made sure I minded my manners and said my prayers. Her spitfire attitude and can-do gusto had an imminent influence on me. Her love was like no other and on mother’s day weekend we also celebrated what would have been her 84th bday. She is sorely missed but forever loved!


My relationship with my mom is beautiful and complex as a Dickens novel. As the intro goes, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” but byfar, the best of times have overshadowed everything in between. We’ve had to overcome not only the generational gap, but also the cultural conflict, but in the end, I’ve always known that my mom is truly an incredible lady. I’m so lucky to have such a funny, compassionate, giving and loving person to call mom.

I can’t say enough good things about these women, and can only hope that I move my children the way they moved me. Looking up to my mentors- my mom and gram- it makes me even more excited for the day I finally become a mom.