This weekend, Jeff and I were going over our hectic summer schedule. Like most people, our schedules fill up even before the season arrives. As it is, we are looking at 3, maybe 4 weddings this summer, not to mention the parties associated with the joyous occasions. We’re definitely looking forward to the various events, but this year will ostensibly be different!

Specifically, I noted that Jeff is long overdue for a new suit. I told him, to avoid our usual procrastinating ways that we should start browsing the racks at Filene’s or maybe even Century 21 to get the best deals.

And in the most innocent and naive tone, Jeff asked, “So, what will you wear? I doubt your usual little black dresses will do, huh?”

“Haha! Definitely not this year! Maybe we should head over to Sears and pick up a tent,” I joked.

And without a blink, Jeff risked his life and seriously suggested, “Well, what about a muumuu? You can do that, right?”

mimi.gif“UM. If I was Minnie Pearl or MiMi Bobeck! People our age or my size don’t typically wear muumuus!”

Judging by his quizzical look upon my reaction, he wasn’t joking.

Brave one that husband of mine is, isn’t he?