I got my first “Wow, you’re getting big!” comment today. Some previously pregnant friends would wince at that sentiment, but me, I’m actually chuckling and embracing it!


As the 5’6” daughter of a petite former beauty queen, momrlargeweb.jpgthe “you’re big” comments were always part of a normal greeting when seeing my distant relatives.

Instead of referencing my belly, back then my funny relatives were always referring to my height. Considering I was taller (and generally bigger) than well, my big brother, I’ve actually always liked being bigger.


(My mom’s hot.)

As mentioned before, I spend my downtime reading baby message boards, more or less, to see how other pregnant girls are doing. On the main board that I visit, most of the other girls (for the most part, NYers) are absolutely obsessed with their weight gain during pregnancy.  I can easily generalize and say that it’s no surprise that the NY area is obsessed with image. Almost every page on this message board girls are fixated with comparing their weight gain during pregnancy, as if it’s some sort of contest to see who can gain the least amount of weight. Scary, but very true. It’s amazing what women will admit on an anonymous realm. Obviously, this isn’t indicative to all women in this area– but you know when you see it.  The last I checked, gaining a healthy amount of weight is how pregnancy usually goes.


I can happily say that while I may have my own issues, thankfully, insecurities about personal image isn’t one of them. While it has never been easy being taller than the stereotypical Filipino girl, it’s just another one of those characteristics that’s made me, me. When I was younger, I was blessed with that sprawling metabolism to go along with my leggy height. Well, once I hit my late 20s, I wasn’t so lucky. I now know why dad runs regularly and plays tennis every weekend even at 63!


In retrospect, the vocal nudges from my mom about the weight gain in my 20s (oh, that delicious beer.) was a bit obnoxious, but appreciated. I could always roll my eyes when boisterous aunts commented on my appearance because deep down, I know that my brains have gotten me further in life than my waist size.

As much I try to convince Jeff otherwise, I know very well that I’m so far from perfect. And that includes the unfortunate pre-pregnancy weight gain! And you know, all this rambling has a point. Looking back, I can attribute those unnecessary weight comments from relatives to being lost in translation. Ha. If you think I’m big, you haven’t seen a thing!

It’s a lot easier as a self confident woman to walk down the street, hold my head up high and to feel comfortable in my own skin, than it is to sulk in my own pity because I’m not skinny or pretty enough.


I celebrated when my OB told me at my most recent appointment that my 11 lb. weight gain was right on point for the halfway mark. I am growing a little person in there and weight gain is an inevitable part of the process.


Of all the past hurtful comments and having the ability to shrug them off, it feels great to admit now that every time I look in the mirror and see an even rounder belly, I can’t help but be proud of myself for getting so “big!” Now, bring on the “you’re big” comments 🙂


(Ask me how I feel about being big by the end of Aug. I can assure you I’ll be singing a totally different song by then!)

Oh, and I will eventually have pictures of my belly. As sad as it is, we still have yet to replace our magically disappearing camera!