Just a quick update on the big ultrasound. Our appointment is set for May 8! In just a few weeks, we’ll find out if we’re on team pink or team blue!

It’s finally feeling like spring around here: the sun is shining, the lone tree outside my window is blooming, lighter and brighter trench coats have replaced the sea of black winter coats and best of all, it’s spa week.


As much as I’d love to spoil myself more often with spa treatments, it’s not always feasible. First of all, finding an hour to two hours just to relax is almost impossible these days. Secondly, who has an extra $100-200 to drop on a massage regularly? Hence, why I love spa week!

Once a year, a collection of various spas in the NYC area, as well as other large cities, offer discounted spa treatments in an effort to promote the industry as a whole. For $50, you can’t beat that.

I’m especially excited this time around because I’m pregnant and get to indulge in a prenatal massage. Aside from the sickness, I think I’ve been pretty lucky with the other physical ailments. I’m starting to have the conditional swelling, mainly because of commuting and standing too long, as well as the occasional back pain. Aside from that, quite honestly, I feel incredible now that the sun is shining again. I’m really enjoying the ease of the second trimester so far.


My choice of spa this year is, aptly, Edamame the Maternity Spa. I believe I signed up for the Mom to be New Life Massage. After another exhausting week, this will be a great time to relax. Thankfully, with the crazy spring we have ahead of us, I was able to secure my appointment last month! My appointment is set for tomorrow afternoon in the city and I can’t wait.

For those close to participating spas, I hope you have a chance to indulge this week!