It’s way past my bedtime, but I was bound and determined to get these files working! Jeff and I had quite the busy afternoon/evening, so I have to share while my thoughts are fresh.

I had my 4th prenatal appointment today and Jeff was able to make it. Obviously since most of the development has been internal, I know he’s very anxious to share in this whole experience. {I’m so glad he was able to make the appointment.} The highlight of the appointment was Jeff getting to hear the heartbeat for the first time. I heard it last time, but it was a special moment for him to experience it himself. (Some friends rent dopplers so they can listen at their leisure, but I know renting a device like that would only make me more neurotic. Definitely don’t need to add more crazy to this equation.)

And of course, like the computer geeks we are, Jeff brought along my iTalk (one of my Christmas presents.) Essentially, it’s a microphone attachment for my iPod. Because I conduct interviews frequently while I’m on assignment, it’s a great alternative to the old fashioned tape recorder.
Geek stuff aside, the nurse weighed me (bleck) took my bp and asked a few questions. And then, it was time for the heart doppler. Jeff was in charge of recording the heartbeat, so he broke out the iTalk and we listened to sweet Baby B’s little heart. This time around, it was about 155bpm. So very cool.

And after playing around with codes and hosting sites, I was finally able to upload the file of the recorded heartbeat. Hopefully this works:

[splashcast ZYFZ9729PC]

Jeff sounds like a proud dad to be doesn’t he? He’s so wonderful 🙂

The appointment went exceptionally well. I asked the dr. an arsenal of questions, including WHY the hell am I still sick every freaking day? It turns out, only 1-3% of pregnant women stay sick past the first trimester. I had to ask him to repeat that statistic again because I didn’t believe him. Like the smartass he is, Jeff gave me a high five on being one of the “lucky” ones.

I had some blood drawn for some testing– I’ve forgotten already what it was for. When I find the proper terminology I’ll be sure to update that. We also have a few milestones! I’m just about to the halfway point! woohoo! So thankfully, all is well with me and little baby B! And even better, I get to schedule my BIG ultrasound for sometime in the next 2 weeks. We’re so excited to find out the baby’s gender! I’m most excited about finally shopping! I can’t believe I’ve contained myself this long.

Does anyone have any more guesses on baby B? I was positive this baby is a girl, but now, I’m leaning back towards boy. Jeff has firmly believed boy from the beginning. I guess we’ll see in a few weeks.