We’re finally drying off up here in NJ/NYC. Our little town was, for the most part, underwater on Sunday and Monday. Not to mention, there was a 4-alarm fire downtown, ironically, on the wettest day in 30 years. As the tri-state area, as well as most of the east coast got annihilated with rain, I slept away a violent bout of morning sickness most of the day on Sunday, while listening to the pitter patter of the rain on our window AC unit.

In the meantime, many people around town played in the rain and captured videos and pictures of our area.

These are all from my favorite local blog, Hoboken411. Which, by the way, is even better than the broadcast news! Jeff and I are always in tune because of this awesome site. The first two are 3 blocks away from us, right by our local grocery store. The last two are from the fire downtown.


In light of the flooding, I also wanted to mention the unspeakable horror that happened in Blacksburg. Of all the school shootings and acts of violence in recent years, this one seems to speak volumes because it hits so close to home. Though Blacksburg may be many hours west of home, to know something like this could happen in our home state is so saddening. With so many friends who are alumni of VT or friends of friends who have little brothers, sisters, cousins or neighbors directly affected by this tragedy, it’s a difficult event to even begin to comprehend.

Over the next few days and weeks, as the media and the rest of the country tries to unravel the cause of this tragedy, all I can think as a mom to be, is how it’s so disheartening to know that my innocent nieces, nephews, cousins and baby B. will grow up in a world where violence like this can happen, even in small town America.

In the same token, it’s yet another reminder to hold your loved ones even closer, no matter the geographic distance.