Last Friday night while we were in Va. we made plans to go out to dinner with our friend Kelly. We weren’t making plans for a fancy dinner, we wanted to go somewhere casual where we could catch up and talk.


As mentioned before, I’ve been having a rough time with maternity clothes. I haven’t found anything I really like…yet. However, I did have luck at H&M in the city. But ironically, I had more luck in the “regular” clothes section than in the maternity section. With all the babydoll tops out for spring, I guess it’s a good time to be pregnant!

As luck would have it, it was SO cold in Va that it actually snowed. (For those of you that aren’t familiar with southeastern Hampton Roads’ weather patterns, we/they barely ever get snow. And when they get an inch, everything shuts down.)

So, it snowed in Va. on Easter. The cold weather pretty much washed out my chances of enjoying my cute spring tops all weekend. So, I was left wearing the same oversized sweaters and baggy shirts that I’ve been wearing for the past few weeks in freezing cold NJ and NYC.

Back to Friday night: When it was time to get ready to go out, I think Jeff chose some jeans and one of his blue striped shirts; again, nothing fancy. I chose a gray maternity shirt- gray jersey material, rouched at the sides- and paired them with my black maternity pants. I’d normally wear black high heeled boots with this outfit, but because my mom freaked out about me wearing heels all day, I opted to heed her “advice.”

“How come you’re still wearing heels!! You might fall and break your ankle,” she shrieked.

“You’re right mom. I could fall but I’ve been wearing heels for how many years now? I think I’ll be ok.”

“Well, if you fall, you might hurt the baby.”


She’s right. I could fall. I am clumsy. But I brought 2 pairs of high heeled boots and my black and gray Diesel tennis shoes (sneakers, if you will.) Mind you, these aren’t super high stiletto heels. They’re probably 2.5 in. heels—the same sort of heels that I wear comfortably into the city day after day.

Nevertheless, mother knows best. And not to mention, it was kind of wet outside.

So, I paired the tennis shoes with my outfit.


(Our niece modeling my boots over Christmas. )

When I walked out of “my” room, my mom and Jeff were out on the couch. It was mom’s instinct to check out my feet and make sure I wasn’t wearing my deathly heels. She sort of smiled and seemingly approved of my shoe choice.

Jeff, on the other hand, looked at me up and down, noticed I wasn’t wearing jeans and boots and innocently asked, “Are you REALLY going to wear that? It looks like you’re wearing pajamas!”

“It’s actually a maternity shirt and maternity pants, dude. I know the tennis shoes don’t look the greatest, but it’s all I brought besides the boots. And God forbid, I don’t want to fall.”

“Oh, well, I’m just saying. It looks like you’re wearing pajamas.”

So, for the record, frumpy isn’t my look. I wasn’t offended by the pajamas comment—he was totally right. In retrospect, with as hormonal and bitchy I’ve been, he’s pretty bold, isn’t he? You can’t fault him for his honesty.

So who cares if I wear tennis shoes? At this point, with this growing belly and ass, combined with the wish-washy seasons, it’s all about being resourceful for now. There’s no sense in me buying winter maternity clothes. I might as well load up for spring and summer!

And just thinking ahead, I should always pack more shoes when we go home—just in case. You can never have enough shoes to go with your pajama-like outfits.