One tried and true way to turn heads in NYC:

Around lunchtime, walk around with an ambiguous bulging belly/baby bump carrying an oversized Mr. Softee ice cream cone.  Lick and enjoy!

I went to the park for lunch to enjoy the sunshine and to get away from smelly paint fumes.  (my office is renovating)  I sat on a bench, listened to the birds chirp and watched all the kids and their nannies play at the playground.  What a great way to spend one of the first warm days of spring!

To cap off a great lunch at the park, I got myself an ice cream cone.  (a well balanced lunch considering I had a healthy salad. ha!)  You know it’s spring in NYC if the Mr. Softee trucks are on every street corner and the park is bursting at the seams with laughing children.


After buying my ice cream, I walked a block back to my office and everyone- from small children to elderly ladies- stared me down as I ate my ice cream. It was as if no one had ever seen ice cream before!  My belly, my delicious cone and I must’ve been a walking endorsement for Mr. Softee!  When I looked back, a majority of those that stared me down were in line for their own cone.


I love with each new season in NY, there’s always a new spectacle.  Hope it’s as beautiful wherever you are, as it is here in NYC.