Daycare, tv, sugar, firearms…anything else to add to the questionable list of things for kids?

Should we just keep our kid in a bubble until s/he’s 18? I’m totally being facetious of course. But seriously, how many studies are there going to be?

This story’s likely to be all over the news tonight because it’s already all over the internet. I read it on the Times this morning and then Jeff sent me the link from CNN.

I especially love the Times headline, emblazoned in bold and listed as one of the most emailed articles of the day:

Poor Behavior Is Linked to Time in Day Care

yes. because day care is the only place kids learn bad behavior.

haha. I tell you what, I may have never been in daycare, but my grandma put the fear of God in me when I was a kid. I knew better than to misbehave.

CNN basically lists the most important aspects of this study as:

• Kids in child care longer had more behavior problems in sixth grade
• Kids who’d been in child care also had better vocabulary scores in fifth grade
• Differences are still relatively small, National Institutes of Health says
• Results are from largest U.S. study of child care and development

All of the above is quite interesting and totally relevant because Jeff and I currently have different thoughts on childcare. This study is reported to be the most comprehensive and longest running study of American Child Care. It’s a $200 million study that was funded by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. wow. The study and details can be found here.

The best statement I read today (on one of my boards re: this study) is:

“there is no right decision for everyone. your kids will be simultaneously better off and worse off with whatever decision you make.”

I don’t have any clear cut thoughts on this study and its findings, but what I do know is that my brothers and I were never in any sort of structured daycare. My grandmother watched us and quite honestly, the three of us turned out quite differently.

One went on to be a proven leader, another has skills in language arts, another is creatively disruptive. But we’re all well rounded, upstanding citizens (ok, for the most part.) I’d like to believe that we’ve all made our parents, grandmother and teachers proud.

What works for one family probably doesn’t work for another. As I’ve heard at work, it’s all structured insanity! And yet another one of those things we’ll have to learn on our own.