Since it’s Friday, I have a Jeff-ism to share.

Recycling Day Jeff-style:

Tuesday night is our recycling day. We throw our recycling- cans and bottles- in a separate bin, next to our trash can in the kitchen. Since there really isn’t anywhere to put the recycling outside of our brownstone, we just keep it in the bin in our tiny excuse of a kitchen.
Pre-pregnancy, we drank a lot– I mean, almost an embarrassing amount of beer every week. The beer cans and bottles would overflow, sometimes a result of a busy weekend at our place.

Over the past couple of months, the thought of beer/booze repulses me. So, we haven’t really had it around the house so much (thanks, Jeff!) But lately, since the constant nausea is tapering off, the beer has made a comeback for Jeff.

{not our house, but our Miller Lites at a party last year.}

This past recycling day, even though we spent the weekend in Va, our recycling bin was overflowing with Miller Lite cans and a bunch of plastic water bottles. Jeff was kind enough to bag it all up and took it downstairs.

This chore takes me 2 minutes to do, if that.

Jeff was gone for 15 minutes.

He was somewhat exhausted and his cheeks a little rosy when he came back. As he unbuttoned his coat, he revealed a new, but smaller bag filled with cans.

In a dumbfounded and innocent voice he explained the revelation of this new bag to me:

“Some guy on the street, he handed me this bag of beer. I have NO idea why! How cool was that?”

“So, he just handed it to you, right outside, huh? Free beer, right off the street?” I asked, even though I knew he walked to the corner bodega to pick up a six pack for himself.

“Oh yeah. This town is great isn’t it?”

“Well if it’s so great, he should’ve given you a pint of Ben and Jerry’s for me too!”

Word to the wise everyone: be on the lookout for the guy handing out free beer on your street.