I’m happy for a lot of reasons today!

1.  It’s finally feeling a little like Spring.

2.  My brother is finally out of the hospital!

3.  My family makes me laugh.  (I got a text from the kid bro that simply read, “Dad told me not to have sex.”)  If you know my dad and you know my brother, it’s just a ridiculous thought.  It’s common sense considering he’s injured… but so funny.

4.  Jeff  makes me laugh even harder.  (He always deserves his own post.)

5.  Dirty New York is getting a bath!


6.  One of my favorite baby stores was bought out by Jeff’s company!  (separate post later)

7.  And for lucky #7, I’m finally out of the first trimester.
I looked in the mirror and I looked less scary than yesterday!  I think I might be glowing a little. ha!