I started making Corned Beef and Cabbage for our St. Patty’s Day pre-game party a few years ago, specifically because Jeff loves it. Since we already “celebrated” St. Patty’s day in Hoboken 2 weeks ago, and we realized that we were going to be in Va. for the real St. Patty’s day, I brought home the beef brisket I had intended to cook over the weekend.

Understandably, my mom’s cooking is a bit different and so, as I learn new things, I love sharing with her.

So, I made the corned beef and cabbage in the crockpot for my parents and Jeff. This worked out well because they still hadn’t bought a new stove since theirs caught on fire the night before.

My family, I swear.


As we sat down for dinner, this was the conversation I overheard:

Jeff: “mmmm corned beef and cabbage! Yum my favorite.”

*sniffing his plate*
Dad: “So, how you cook this? In that pot over there?”

Jeff: “Yeah she usually uses the crockpot and it turns out really tender; you can just eat it with a fork.”

Dad: “oh. Tastes good. So, is this horse meat?”

*very respectfully, and with a straight face*
Jeff: “uh, it’s Corned beef. As in cow. beef.”

Dad: “Oh, cow meat. that’s good.”

For the record, um, we have never had horse meat or any other exotic meat. We’re just a fish, chicken, beef and pork kind of family. Just another random Dad-ism.  My dad is so awesome!