Amid the family drama and the enduring 356-mile leg of our journey back to our other home, Jeff and I celebrated another glorious pregnancy milestone. Except, unfortunately, Jeff couldn’t actually make it to the appointment because of our last minute trip and the resulting backlog of work.

I had my 3rd prenatal appointment yesterday. Jeff’s been very diligent about being very much a part of this pregnancy. It is his doing afterall.

No really, I was sad that he was sad because he missed hearing the baby’s heartbeat. The nurse used a doppler to locate the baby’s heartbeat. Once she finally found that pitter patter, my own heart fluttered with excitement. Yet again, this one was another one of those moments where I beamed and fought back tears of joy.

This is really real. Baby B. isn’t just a thought anymore.

At this appointment, I met Dr. M, the other wonderful dr. at the practice. I’ve always had Dr. B., so it was nice to meet this other doc.

He had a very welcoming demeanor, defining that conclusion by calling me “Jen.” It’s very rare for a person, upon first meeting, to call me Jen. Sure, my best friends and family all call me Jen, Jenny, Jenrab or Rabbie, but a dr.?

You can tell a lot by a person who can call you your given nickname upon first impression– at least I think so.

Anyway, I love this dr. For those that have sat on that side of the stirrups, you know how awkward dr. visits can be. A warm bedside manner is a definite plus.

It was a great appointment where we discussed the next milestones and future tests. And happily, the dr. reminded me that we have a lot to be optimistic about, namely, the end of the first trimester and the return of my old self!