True story: When we announced our engagement a lifetime ago, we asked both sets of parents to join us at one of our favorite restaurants back home. Since Jeff and I have known each other forever, then dated for several years, our parents were already acclimated with one another. They’d talk about band trips from our teen years and then our chi-chis years, you know, just trying to find that parallel to keep the conversation going.

So, after we officially told our parents that night that we were, indeed betrothed, Jeff’s mom said the funniest but most unforgettable thing.


“Oh goody! I’ll have a little brown baby! All my kids and other grandkids were little towheads and now, my other grandbabies will have dark hair just like their mom!” she said very excitedly.

I was actually pretty proud after she said that, but more or less because I never really thought of things that way.

I’m obviously not white. Jeff’s obviously not Filipino. So, yeah, our kid will more than likely be all cute and mixed, just like many of my cousins’ kids. And after that night, I haven’t been able to stop fantasizing about how our future kids will look. Will they look more like me or will they look more like him? (probably me.) Even walking around town or in NYC, I can’t tell you how many times Jeff and I actually stop and stare at mixed couples’ kids, wondering if ours will look as cute.

Actually, just last night, as we were unloading the groceries, Jeff picked up the 2 rice bags. One was white rice, the other was brown rice. He held up the white rice and was like, “aw, this one is for me.” and held the brown rice bag to my face and said, “this one is for you.” He then held both of them to my belly and said, “the white and brown becomes Baby B!”
haha. so funny, but so true.

See, that’s the beauty of growing up as an American kid. You’re surrounded by all of these beautiful cultures, you learn to celebrate the beauty of your own uniqueness and when it comes time to celebrate that diversity, things couldn’t get any prettier!

So, when I stumbled across these fun and appropriate baby t-shirts on Babble, I practically cheered at my computer– I was THAT excited.

I mean, it’s not exactly exciting when my husband gets called a ‘howlie‘ in Hawaii and I get mistaken for a local. Actually, we’ve had many hurtful days back home when people would stare or give us that look when we held hands in the mall. Of all the bad experiences we’ve had, there have been a million more fond memories. Most specifically, it is exciting to know that in just a few months a we’ll have a little swirl, a product of our own multicultural diversity. A little mistiso/a, if you will.

Btw, on top of the swirl shirt, I’m definitely getting that white bread and bowl of rice shirt. I’m contemplating the nanny one too! This t-shirt company hit the nail on the head for us!