Standing in line at CVS last night, I was fully bundled up since I just got off the bus.   My Ipod earphones were still dangling out of my work bag, as I was waiting to sign off on my “lost” prescription, while paying for my bottle of Coke and Poland Springs, and for some wild reason, I thought this would be the perfect time to also call and order dinner on my cellphone.

In my defense, the bright idea to multi-task popped into my head as I sat off to the side in my local drugstore, waiting for the pharmacy tech to locate my prescription. I mean, since I decided I was too tired and too stressed from work to cook and since Jeff was working late, wouldn’t it be nice to have my Quesadilla waiting for me when I got home from CVS? That’s a whole 45 minutes saved without being hungry!
I guess because I forgot to pick up my new prenatal pills a few weeks ago, they put it back and waited for me to come in to pick it up. It took about 20 minutes until they found my pastel colored bottle of pills, but nonetheless, I got hungry while I was waiting. After all is said and done, I’m usually not back into Hoboken until 6:30. So, add 2o minutes to that, it was almost 7:00 p.m. when I stood there waiting, stomach growling.

I couldn’t wait anymore.  I needed food.  So, I furiously dialed the number to the Mexican take out joint, hoping I could accomplish this feat before the pharmacist figured out what she did with my pills.
“ah, yeah. I’d like to place an order for delivery, please.”
They put me on hold. Perfect.

*blaring from the speaker overhead (still in CVS)* Will Jennifer please come to the pharmacy. Your prescription is ready.

“Hi, ma’am. Are you ready?” asked the nice young man on the other end of my cellphone.
“Um yeah. hang on a sec.” I told him as I motioned to the cashier at the pharmacy to ring up my bottle of coke and water too.
“That will be $28.45 ,” she said.
I smirked, whisked out my card, punched my buttons on the little screen and readjusted my cellphone.
*trying to whisper so the cashier and guy behind me couldn’t hear how ridiculous I was* “uh, yeah um can I please order a steak queso burrito. A steak quesadilla. and a large side of guacamole please?”

The guy at the Mexican place yelled back on the phone, “Ma’am CAN YOU SPEAK UP. I can’t HEAR YOU.”
Surely, I was red at this point, embarrassed at how ridiculous I am to order my dinner while picking up my prescription.

And of course, the credit card machine thing at CVS was malfunctioning. I punched in my PIN number 4 times, threw my hands up into the air and yelled back at the guy on the phone and said, “YES, that was a Steak burrito, Steak Quesadilla AND a big guac.”

The cashier finally handed me my bag and receipt. I thanked her and mouthed “Thank you and I’m so sorry,” and slid off hoping the guy behind me in line didn’t know me or see me.

With my cellphone still perched on my shoulder up to my ear, I tried to discreetly finalize my dinner order. When I threw my phone, prescription and drinks into my workbag, all I could think to myself was, “Gosh, you’re a real asshole. Why couldn’t you just call the restaurant back when you were done at CVS?”

You know, there’s no real clearcut answer to that other than, I was HUNGRY, tired, inconsiderate, not thinking and have obviously become that obnoxious person with a cellphone.

I hate unnecessary public use of cellphones. There’s a time and place for everything, and in this day and age, we seem to forget about that. My Mom and brothers are the biggest offenders. I have to squawk and scowl at them if they answer their phones while we’re out eating.

I try to be considerate when using my phone in public, i.e., I turn it off at restaurants, church, when on the bus. But tonight, I broke all of those important cellphone etiquette rules…all for a dang quesadilla! I wasn’t thinking and was completely mortified after the fact.

Mental note: order your delicious mexican takeout on your own time. Don’t be a jackass and order while in line at CVS. 🙂