I happen to be an eternal list-maker. I make lists for everything: groceries, paying bills, running errands, prospective baby names, recipes I want to try—you name it. On any given day, if I were to clean out my workbag (my commuting version of an over-sized purse) you’d find a plethora of lists, some probably way back from 2005. I have to laugh at the ones I missed throwing out. They’re like a glimpse of the past; a simple reminder of what I was doing in January ’06. Hey, if it keeps me organized, I’ll keep making my lists but definitely do a better job at throwing out the junky ones.

Jeff makes lists too. Though, since I take care of most of the household errands and bills, his lists are usually reserved for work. Every now and then, he’ll litter the entry table with everything from his pocket—as if my junkmail and loose change don’t create enough clutter!

I was doing some routine cleaning last night and hit the entry table to filter some of that junkmail. I came across Jeff’s piles of lists, I noticed the most of the papers were folded up perfectly to fit into his coat pocket. So, I organized them in a pile and set them aside. As nosy as I am, I wanted to open them all up to see what was written, even though I wouldn’t understand his retail analysis jargon. Much to my surprise, there was one list that wasn’t folded up! It was folded, but opened up, like it was meant for me to see. Ha.

Dated for the week of 2/12, the list was carefully numbered, as if each corresponding number had its own sense of urgency. I haven’t told him, but I read it and I’m glad I did.

(I’ll scan his list. It’s too cute not to share. But it looked something like this.)

  1. Tell Jenny you love her.


2. Do something important for work blah blah blah I didn’t understand.

3. Organize tax information

4. Something else for work blah blah blah

5. Figure out living plan with Baby B

a. stay in Hoboken

b. move and buy in neighborhood

c. move to Va. soon

d. Jenny and baby move to Va., live long distance for 6 months/year


I’ve always raved about how lucky I’ve been to have such a great friend in Jeff, and then a really wonderful boyfriend, then an awesome fiancé and of course a really incredible husband…

I mean, we make it a point to punctuate sentences with I love you and actually mean it, but after all this time, for some reason actually seeing that sentiment on one of his lists reminded me how grateful I am. After I read his list, I choked back a bunch of tears and thought about my ridiculous rage and the irrational brattiness that I’ve exuded in my pregnancy so far. (I’ll admit, there’s been a lot of nonsense on my end.) I wanted to publicly share that not only is Jeff one extremely supportive and loving husband, undoubtedly, he’s going to be an exceptional father…in just a few months.

Lucky doesn’t even scrape the surface.