Over the weekend, I had my first vivid pregnancy dream. Several of my new mom friends have shared their various dreams, but I never realized how wild it can really get.


I’ve read that these crazy dreams can be attributed to the increase in progesterone, among other things. Considering I’ve always had pretty wild dreams to begin with, this one seemed right on par.

I’m not sure if it’s a well known fact, but I love having brothers. I mean, I used to mope as a kid about being an only girl and whine because my brothers were so mean. But in retrospect, I love my brothers and wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything.

And because of that, I’d consider myself extremely lucky if we were blessed with a similar brood. Translation: I’d be over the moon if Baby B is a boy. Actually, I’m only drawn to blue and green it seems. Either way, Baby B will no doubt be a blessing, but team blue would be a fun way to start off.

When I woke up on Sunday positively glowing from this crazy dream, I was surprised at how comfortable I felt once I reassessed all of the details.  I dreamed that my pregnancy endured a very healthy route, yet for unexplained reasons, Baby B was tiny.  The baby appeared premature, but was full term.  I didn’t make a bit of sense.
Undoubtedly, Baby B was loved by everyone (in my dream) which featured all of my family members, particularly both of my brothers.  I have vivid recollections of my older brother cooing at Baby B and combing her baby mohawk.  Yeah, as in Maddox Jolie mohawk, except she was born with said mohawk AND baby mullet.


I’ve always had this vision that my future children would one day be cursed/blessed with my overabundance of hair.  It’s not that my thick, often unruly hair is anything to be ashamed of; it’s more like, you always want the opposite of what you have.

Anyway, Baby B was a beauty in my dream– kind of how my mother in law envisions.  (Upon announcing the pregnancy, my mother in law lovingly predicted that Baby B will be a girl and will have “long, dark, flowing hair” like her mom.  Heh.)  The baby had very pronounced Filipino attributes and giant eyes like her dad.  She was a vision of beauty– baby mohawk, er, mo-mullet and all.

Since the dream, I have this ongoing premonition that Baby B is a girl.  I’ve even done a few of those Chinese Gender Predictor things and the result always came back as girl.  (I know they’re not accurate, btw, I did them for fun.)  I’m guesstimating that we’ll find out the baby’s gender in a couple of months.

So, until then, at least until the next crazy vivid dream, I’m going with pink.