Despite my reluctance, but at the suggestion of Dr. B, I started to take Unisom this weekend.  I’ve had insomnia problems in the past and had to rely on Tylenol PM for awhile, so I didn’t want to fall into that habit again.

The nausea got so bad there for a few days, I really wanted to just curl up on the couch and stay there until September.  So, I tried it.  I started off with a half tab on Friday night– nada.  I woke up Saturday feeling ‘normal,’ but proceeded to start gagging at noon when I got hungry.

So, on Saturday night, I took a whole tablet.  I woke up on Sunday much later than usual, and really never “woke up” until about 1pm.  I think I layed on the couch in the same position for 4 uneventful hours.  I attributed my Sunday laziness to the Unisom.  I mean, on a regular Sunday, I would’ve been to Target, ShopRite, BB&B and back by noon!
Despite the grogginess, I only gagged 3 times, as opposed to normal 33 times in a day!  I was amazed. 


On Sunday night, I took another whole Unisom, hoping I wouldn’t be too groggy for deadline week at work.  Much to my surprise, I woke up sans alarm, and felt pretty kickass.  I wasn’t ready to go back to hip hop class or anything, but I was actually halfway pumped to put makeup on– the first time in 3 weeks, mind you.

I got through most of my entire workday without gagging or feeling too nauseous.  Amazing.  I have yet to commute home, so let’s hope this great feeling lasts!

 btw, I had my first crazy pregnancy dream this weekend.  Updates tonight.