I had my 2nd prenatal appointment yesterday. I was supposed to meet another doctor in the practice this time around, but since that dr. had an emergency, I had my regular OB.

He’s a stern and very presentable dude. He evokes quite the presence without too much emotion. At first, I really thought his bedside manner was a bit aloof, but as I got to know him, he’s just straightforward in that northeastern kind of way. Back home, you get so used to people in any path of life telling you their personal diatribes, no matter how personal it is.

I like Dr. B, and based on all of those glorious baby pictures wallpapered on the entryway, I am only expecting more good things to come in these next few months.

So, my appointment went very well. The waiting room was filled with several very pregnant women and their business suited husbands– which made me think, should Jeff be with me at this visit? ehhh… it’s probably too soon. I had a quick wait– no more than 5 minutes before the nurse called me in to give my urine sample. No problems this time!

Once I sat down with the dr., he basically discussed all of my test results, including my last ultrasound. And remember when I said I knew my dr’s due date was wrong? Well, I was right! Actually, my due date is pushed back 3 days past my prediction. So, my official due date is now September 24! (I still think my September 21 due date is more accurate, but I’m not the dr.)

We discussed my morning sickness and how it’s been affecting me on a day to day basis. Much to my surprise, he suggested that I try Unisom– yeah, the sleeping aid. Apparently, it’s supposed to take the edge off for the next day. I’m not big on pill popping, but at this point, I’ll do whatever it takes to feel a little more normalcy.

Other than that, I was horrified at my weight gain. I haven’t been working out and I’ve been indulging in carbfests every day to curb the gagging; I guess I knew it’d be bad, I just hated hearing how bad.
I’m hoping next month’s visit will elicit a more positive outcome as far as weight gain goes!

*Ahem, no more Ben and Jerry’s!!!:*(*