Since getting pregnant, I seem to have much less nighttime anxiety. Before I got pregnant, I suppose I was laden with anxiety due to my fertility woes, miscellaneous life plans and basic staying afloat tactics.
Now, all I seem to focus on is staying pregnant and working towards this well balanced life that I’d always imagined. I seem to be falling asleep much easier and earlier, not only because my body’s working overtime, but also because I feel so much more at peace in the evenings. I’m channeling my inner hippie, if you will…I’m not polluting my brain with the internet as much when I get home; now, I only pollute my brain with important things like, American Idol and Heroes 🙂
Which brings me to thoughts about last night’s pillow talk. I sleep with 4, sometimes 5 blankets. Jeff sleeps with 1, sometimes none. I shiver almost every night and complain about how cold I am. Jeff breaks a sweat because our apartment is an inferno to him. There’s no happy medium between us.
I turned to Jeff last night and confided in him the reason why I thought I was so cold all the time.

“I’m pretty sure it’s because my body is regenerating…”

“So, do you also jump off bridges and heal your wounds too?” he said without even turning away from his PSP.


In the most Quixotic tone, or perhaps pregnant brain, “I said well, I thought I was regenerating blood for the baby? Isn’t that why I’m so cold?”

Admittedly, I mixed up my facts from fiction and blurred the information I was reading with one of my recently watched DVR’ed shows. Haha. To clarify, I read that my constant state of coldness can stem from anemia, the increased production of red blood cells or probably hypothyroidism, among other things.

My body is obviously doing many different things right now, and (sadly?) morphing into a cheerleader supehero isn’t one of them.