We flew home on Saturday morning and literally surprised everyone. I’m so glad we didn’t tell anyone except our siblings and Kelly because it made things that much more special!

Our awesome friend Kelly chauffeured us home from the airport. We dropped our stuff off at my parents and then Jeff’s brother picked us up to go to my inlaw’s house.  Since Jeff’s brother was going there to help install new tile, we hitched a ride. When we arrived, Jeff’s dad was on the floor working on the tile when we walked in.  Jeff started messing with his dad, but he never looked up.

Then Jeff was like, uh, you know this is your other son! haha. His dad looked up and started laughing!! He couldn’t believe it was us! Then he told us to hide in the room for when my mother in law came back from getting lunch.  She was in a bad mood, so we came out while she was telling a story.  As soon as she saw her ‘boy’ she was in complete amazement.  As she tightly embraced her son, she started crying.  Her bad mood morphed to total elation in just a few moments!  *tear*

Once we all got settled, Jeff plugged in my iPod to show them the “slideshow” on their new flatscreen.   Jeff put together a slideshow comprised of  pictures from Christmas and Jeff’s bday. At the end of the slideshow was the pictures of the tests and ultrasound. (When I get around to converting that file, I’ll be sure to post it here.)  Once if finally got to the end, and they saw the tests and ultrasound, they again couldn’t believe it!

Jeff’s mom was literally jumping up and down screaming “We’re having a baby!!!”
My mother in law was already predicting that the baby B will be a girl.  And will probably have big hair like me.  Ok, she didn’t say it like that, but that’s probably what will happen…


For dinner, we went to my parents house, hoping to just pop in on them while they ate. haha. not so much.  A surprise is never a surprise in my family without a little bit of drama, right?
Apparently, they went to church on Saturday night, so we couldn’t find them for almost 2 hours! I finally talked to my mom on the phone and acted like I was still in NJ, asking what she was up to etc. I had my little bro call and ask them to come home so they could go out to eat. When they got home, John told them to go to my old bedroom to see the computer.  When my mom walked back there, then we scared her! She lost her mind when she saw us! haha!

We set the iPod up again, even though everyone was ready to go out to eat. They were all anxious and not into the slideshow. They also couldn’t understand why I had their camera all in their face. As soon as the pregnancy test pictures came up, my mom was like, Why are you taking pictures of temperatures? (she meant thermometers!) Jeff started laughing.

And then the ultrasound pictures came up and my brother was like, “Is this for real? Seriously?”

and then both of my parents finally got it and burst into tears.
It was such a joyous moment, and one that I’ll never forget!

My parents have all these grand plans for a baby room at their place, including premature plans of having their grandchild for summers… And my mom is very ready to come up a few weeks before the delivery!  Someone hold me.

Oh, and the news spread like wildfire. All of my Va. relatives found out because both of my brothers practically texted the whole city that they were going to be uncles!  (For obvious reasons, we’re slowly but surely starting to share the news with everyone else.)

what a great weekend it was!

watching the slideshow



I framed a copy of the U/S. Here’s my dad admiring the U/S. He was so cute he kept studying it.