Jeff and I headed down to PA to visit his uncle and his family.  We were getting together to celebrate his uncle’s 60th and  his cousin’s 1st bdays.  As always, we love spending time with the family, especially since we’re so far away from our immediate family.

Unfortunately, a few days before the weekend, my morning sickness, rather, all day sickness, came in full force.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining because I know very well that it goes with the territory…  Well, I am bitching because barfing and all day nausea just sucks.

You know those fun and crazy weekend warrior nights where you sometimes have one too many SoCo and limes or just drink more draft beer than you can count?  And then you wake up the next morning, feeling as though a Mack truck had hit you over and over and over again.  Gripping your Gatorade bottle, swearing that you’ll never ever drink again, the only food you can contain is a disgusting Extra Value Meal from McDonald’s…

Yeah.  That’s how I’m feeling.

I suppose it’s par for that course in that I’ve had many years of “practice” for this all day hangover feeling.  While I’m not necessarily puking, I’m green in the gills and gagging endlessly.   It ain’t pretty.

Back to the family visit…  Jeff and I are very fortunate to have his uncle’s family, including all of his cousins. within a few hours drive.  We always have an awesome time with them and over the years have grown incredibly close.  We sort of have this issue now.   We can hardly contain our excitement.  But we agreed that it’s definitely TOO soon to tell them AND we want our parents to know first.

It was quite interesting having to hide my gagging in the bathroom in between conversations with Jeff’s aunt and cousins.  We actually had a very interesting proposition from one of the cousins!  He asked if we wanted to “race”… as in, having a baby.  Jeff and I chuckled inside knowing that this race was over before it was even a thought.  Jeff was able to laugh it off, as I gagged and nodded!

A few cousins asked why I wasn’t drinking.  I attributed my booze-less visit to my recent triumph of quitting smoking– which was so true, but only scraped the surface.  No one really seemed to care that I wasn’t drinking.  Fun was had by all, and that’s what mattered!

It was definitely hard trying to contain our news, especially when all eyes were on the adorable birthday girl!  I had these little visions of a little Baby B chasing his/her cousin around and sweet little Katarina just laughing at him/her.

Time with the family was something that we definitely needed.  It’ll be a great relief to be able to tell our families and then tell the extended family after that!