Happy Birthday for real this time! For Jeff’s 30th birthday, all he wanted was to celebrate with a pub crawl in our mile square town. He declined a romantic getaway to somewhere warm. He refused new gadgets. He only wanted a pub crawl with a few friends.

So, I happily organized a small pub crawl for his bday. About 15 or so friends came for the craziness, including 2 of Jeff’s cousins from Pa! We started the day with lunch at our place. We had a huge Lisa’s sub and some pulled pork, among other goodies that the birthday boy requested. We had cake and cupcakes and then we were off.

Jeff cake

But before we could hit the pubs in the freezing cold, no less, we lost our camera. I was actually pretty upset and teetering on full on rage. I just could not understand how I could organize all of the fun and then lose the camera. I didn’t get how it just vanished! I ended up taking a trip back to the apartment even after we hit the first bar. But still, the camera was no where to be found.

I finally made it back to the pub crawl where a few of our friends were trying to cheer me up! Sweet Mary bought me a beer. And then, I remembered that I couldn’t drink anymore. So, I pretended to sip the beer and when nobody was looking, I slid it over to Jeff. Amazingly, I had no inclination to drink. I was happy to be celebrating Jeff’s bday with everyone, even if it didn’t include delicious beer.

The whole drinking things was something I’d always feared when I finally got pregnant. Because Jeff and I are such social creatures and love our beer, I feared that I’d go into major withdrawal without our weekly drunken outing. But in reality, now that I was in that moment, I didn’t give a shit. It was just beer. What mattered was that I was finally pregnant! I did feel extremely guilty hiding from our friends and “pretending” to drink. Thankfully, by the 3rd bar, nobody cared what was going on!

So, back to the crawl. We had a great time galavanting around town in our personalized Jeff-t-shirts. As I mentioned, it was beyond cold and windy that day, so the bday boy opted to hit the bars that were in close vicinity of each other. In the end, we hit a little over half of the bars on the lineup. Jeff was truly a wonderful sport, carrying around his inflatable walker and posing for pictures with randoms along the way!

Jeff and Jen

Thanks to all of our friends and Jeff’s awesome cousins (and especially to Shelly who was my stand in photographer!), my wonderful husband had another memorable birthday!

Jeff cousins

the whole gang