Today was my first official prenatal appointment. Because things didn’t seem real, I was so anxious to go in see what my dr. had to say. My dr’s appointment was scheduled right smack in the middle of the day, so there was no point in me trekking into the City, just to turn right back around a few hours later for my appointment in NJ.
I stayed home, did things around the house and prepared for Jeff’s party!

Since almost everything is in walking distance in town, I just walked the 4 blocks to my dr. It was pretty cold, so I made sure to haul ass to the office. By the time I got there, I was pretty exhausted and annoyed by the weather.

Thankfully, at this dr’s office, I never have to wait long. I was called in, no less than 10 minutes after parking in the waiting room.

The nurse came in and gave me what seemed like the usual ‘spiel.’ “When was your last period? Are you married? How old are you? Is this your first pregnancy? How long have you been trying? Are you on any medication?”

I answered all of her questions, all in one breath it seemed. I looked around and stared at all of the mom-and-baby literature. She handed me the lovely paper drape and reminded me that the opening goes up front. yay.

The dr. finally came in and gave me his spiel, prefacing it by, “Well you’re here a little early!” And then he asked me to remind him how long it took us to get pregnant. 2 painful years, doc. 2.

The dr. told me all the stuff that I’d read in my books, reinforcing how much I’d miss sushi and What the Buck.

The dr. pulled out his expected delivery date dial thingy.  Based on my last period, he told me I was exactly 6 weeks.  I knew he was wrong but I smiled and nodded, knowing that based on my cycle I was in fact, closer to 5 weeks. The dr. congratulated me, told me to schedule my first ultrasound and told me he’d see me next month.

And now it was time for the real business. The nurse came back in with the cup for my pee as well as what seemed like 2 armfuls of empty vials for blood.

“You’re not going to faint, are you?”

um. maybe? crap.

I elected to look away and study the trimester chart on the wall next to me while the nurse took 50 gallons of my blood. When it was finally over, she handed me the empty cup and directed me to the bathroom.

Big problem. I was so dehydrated from all of the walking, anxiety and testing, I couldn’t pee, even if my life depended on it.  20 minutes later, I stood there in the sterile bathroom, empty cup in hand.  I finally accomplished the job, but very minimally.  I went back to my exam room and set the cup down.  The nurse picked it up, stared at it and was like, “that’s it?”

Yeah, that’s it.   so much for peeing on cue.

Other than not being able to pee, my first visit was uneventful, and somewhat informative.   Just glad it was over with!