(a week early!)

After visiting the Reproductive Endocrinologist and preparing to undergo all of those tests, this pregnancy was a shock since it was “au naturel.”

A blessing, but a shock nonetheless.

I took test after test, thinking that it’d be a fluke, and that one test would say negative- You’re not Pregnant! But many, many tests later, I was, in fact, pregnant.

Since Jeff’s birthday was less than 2 weeks away, I chose to “surprise” him for his birthday present. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide this for a whole 2 weeks, but 2 days was definitely feasible. I was bursting with all of this excitement, I knew that no matter when I told him, it’d be a memorable moment for the both of us.
I decided to get Jeff a few real gifts for his birthday, including some new casual shoes. I planned for him to open them first and then, gradually have him open the clues.

Jeff shoes

As he opened box after box, I realized he didn’t suspect a thing. As soon as he opened the Mets onesie, he said something, like, “Are you?”

Coyly, I looked at him like I had no idea what he was talking about.

And finally, to make it official, Jeff opened the “big” box. It was the box that had a collection of pg tests. All of them had already faded since I waited several days, but there was one positive digital test for him in there.

I even annoyed him more by taking a short video. My voice was obnoxiously high because I was about to lose it.

And then, he morphed into provider mode. For real. His thoughts started spinning and he listed every possible scenario, including childcare, moving back to Va– if we needed to, work, our careers, our home, our thoughts on buying a condo soon— I mean everything. He would NOT shut up for about 2 hrs. As sweet as it was, it got pretty freaky. ha.

And with that, I sent him to the bar to mellow out and let the booze ease his mind.

What a memorable way to celebrate his 30th bday.
baby gifts